Developer information

Version of this manual: proto-0.1.0.

Welcome to the developer documentation. You will find here I hope most of the information to contribute to the code without any issue. Nevertheless is you have any questions, there is several channels to ask your questions. Please, see Communication section.


Most communication happens on the mailing list and IRC channel. See the contact page for more information.

No spamming or flaming is allowed on the lists or IRC channels. Please, stay on topic in the lists and follow the net etiquette. Also, do not send html message on the mailing lists.

If necessary, regular online meetings can be organised if enough people shows an interest. Contact us to let us know.

Getting started

Building Ears Wide Open

See Building Ears Wide Open chapter.


Because the project is very tiny at the moment, the decisions are taken by the main contributors and/or users. This could evolve with the project evolution.

Bug fixing

One of the easiest way to get involved in the project is by fixing bugs. Bug-fixing let you focus on a small part of the project rather than trying to understand it all at once. There is a list of current bugs on `Github issues`_. So pick an area of interest and start fixing! Once you have got it, `make a patch and submit it`_

Coding guideline

The coding guideline chosen corresponds to the Linux kernel. For the specifics, please refer to the Coding style guideline.

Development process

  • Getting started
    • building [DONE]
    • diving into the code (explanation of the tree in a dedicated page) [WIP]
    • coding guideline (develop all the code guideline in a dedicated page) [DONE]
    • debugging
    • development process
      • atlassian git flow (+ sign-off) (update the README accordingly
      • pick up an issue
      • how to submit a patch through email or pull-request
    • technical documentation - algo design, - optimisation, - complexity, - C-fixed, - ...
  • contributions
  • autodoc